Mapping Glasney

Following the destruction of Glasney in the 1540’s, only a small fragment of the material fabric of the College remains visible above ground today, in the form of a wall in the corner of an open green field in central Penryn. Yet hidden under the grass lie the extensive foundations of Glasney College. Last excavated in 2005, the site of the College is protected as a scheduled monument.

Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti have created a large scale installation on the site of the former Glasney College, mapping it’s outline on a 1:1 scale, to create a detailed life size blueprint of the College buildings that makes visible what is currently underground. Drawing on the knowledge and techniques of map makers and groundsmen, they made a full scale outline with sports pitch line marking technology that will last until dissolved by the rain.

This incredible aerial shot has been captured by Cornish Drone

Photo by Cornish Drone

The footprint of Glasney Collegiate Church as marked out by Etheridge & Persighetti. Photo Credit: Cornish Drone