Walk Glasney Part 1, 2 & 3

Saturday 23rd May

10:00 – 11:00 Walk Glasney (Part 1)

Archaeological Drift around Penryn. Starting from Penryn Town Hall at 10:00 and ending at Glasney College Field. All Welcome. Free

Stones from Glasney are scattered all over Penryn, incorporated into the fabric of many old buildings in the town. Join us from the start or along the way as we take a Glasney stone for a walk.

Sunday 24th May

11.30 – 12:30 Walk Glasney (Part 2)

Tracing the footprint of Glasney College with relay reading from the Cornish Ordinalia with Bards of Gorsedh Kernow. Meet inside the entrance to Glasney College Field at 11:30. All Welcome. Free

Glasney College was a Medieval powerhouse of culture and learning where a series of miracle plays, the Ordinalia, was written in Cornish. These plays form the repository of the Cornish Language. In this special event with Gorsedh Kernow, passages from the plays will be spoken in Cornish and English, back into the place where they were written.

21:30 Walk Glasney (Part 3)

Gentle perambulation around College Field casting light on some of Glasney’s missing stones. Meet inside the entrance to Glasney College Field at 21:30. Free. Booking advised to help us keep track of numbers.

Join us for the intimate closing event at dusk, to catch a glimpse of visions of Glasney’s missing stones appearing in College Field.