Write Glasney

Sat 23 May 11:00 – 13:00  Write Glasney

Glasney College Field, Penryn  Age 16+ Free. Creative session open to anyone interested in writing. To help us keep track of numbers please register your interest by emailing glasneyvisions@gmail.com

This open workshop will invite a close investigation of Glasney College Field as if we are detectives, or mis-guided tourists. We will look for clues about the natural, historical and archaeological evidence of the site as well as unwritten, imagined and visionary poetics. This session is about encouraging and growing curiosity, sensing place and responding to place; thinking about place as a collaborator in our writing and not viewed simply as a backdrop. At the end of the morning we will read our words like a pool of arrows back into the field where the words have arisen.

Simon Persighetti is a core member of Wrights & Sites. He has written professionally for theatre, radio, site-specific arts projects and the Seven Stars Cats Diary.